Costa Difference Ltd. Our business name was chosen for a reason back in 2005. Costa as in Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca in Spain, and Difference because we want to show clients the true difference between living in a mobile or park home in the UK to living in one in Spain.

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Making a difference here in Spain is all down to being passionate in what we do. We are Park Lodge Home designers and we are lucky to be working with park owners who also share our passion. The result? We are showing wonderful residential mobile home parks that are without doubt the best retirement parks that Spain has to offer plus we have brand new Park Lodge show homes for sale.

Having chosen to represent residential parks only in Spain we are now trusted by the park owners to help people see for themselves if living in Spain is really for them. Spain does not suit everyone which is why that aspect of what we do is so important. That is why resale and show homes are so important. People can see what they are buying on a visit.

Couple enjoying Spain

Buyorsellmobilehomes is just one part of what we do as a company. We offer through this website a service to anyone looking to buy or wanting to sell a mobile or park home in Spain. Using Buyorsellmobilehomes we offer a cost-effective way of advertising. We take no commission. We will however do everything needed to list your home and to set up a contact form, so anyone interested can contact you direct.

Why not take a look at the resale mobile homes as well as the Park Lodge homes that will be on La Posada’s show ground? You will see some very special models, The Solero, The Reading, The Langport, The Sandringham, The Windsor and the Ascot. All Park Lodge Homes designed by us.

There are many “Costa” companies on the internet selling everything to do with Spain but there is only ONE Costa Difference Mobile Homes in Spain. To find us again easily why not bookmark this page. We are at your service.